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What do we offer?

CareSuccess has developed a state-of-the-art care management system which enhances patient focused care, allowing management to access real time information to make better informed decisions.

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Save Time And Money

Save time and money whilst improving your rating

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Information Is Key

Have information at your fingertips to enable informed decision making

What is the CareSuccess App?

The CareSuccess App is part of the Home Care Management System built for Domiciliary Care providers. It’s a mobile app that can be used on iOS and Android phones and tablets by carers, family members, team leaders and relevant stake holders. It ensures that the right people are informe, allowing carers to spend more time caring and management to be more responsive.

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What is the CareSuccess Management Portal?

The CareSuccess Management Portal is a cloud based Home Care Management System which connects in real time with the CareSuccess Mobile App.


Ash Omar
We had been using technology for a while and thought it was probably as good as it gets. When we trialled the Care Success System, we made suggestions, and everything was taken on board. We cannot be happier with the finished result.
John Flynn - Support Worker and Team Leader from Enable LTD.

The Care Success app has been a very useful tool for day to day uses for a care company.

As a support worker the app to use and is useful for when you supporting clients in the community. It is a much efficient way to keep record of notes then having to carry around and write paper notes. I can also check my own rota on the app so I am able to check my rota before planning any events. As a team leader it helps me read notes when i'm not around the service and I can look back from months before. I can easily add and delete shifts on the app. I can see people's rotas on the go. Sometimes staffs handwritting can be hard to read, the font is easyto read, and no loss of information would be lost. because the app has sections for the persons supported, I can easily locate certain parts of the notes I need to accesswith ease. A paperless world is the future, this app helps save waste and brings it more to the future of how paperwork should be kept.

The support I've had from the developers have been amazing. When a support worker couldn't produce a report at the end of their shift. the developers have repiled to me within a few minutes and the problem is checked and fixed very fast. They have been very responsive early in the morning and late at night. They do update the app so make it more user friendly and have more features.

Tracey Males - Domiciliary Care
The Care Management system we have been using for the past few years was quite costly, and we were immediately open to an alternative solution as long as the Rostering met our needs. We offered input and Care Success listened and implemented our requests. We are so impressed, and everyone in the office loves how easy it is to operate.
Rick Rathod - Responsive Care
In the last 12 years as a home care provider I have seen many CMS systems. When I started using the CareSuccess CMS, I felt it had more features than any other. I particularly feel it has benefitted us in 3 areas: Recruitment, Retention and Staff issues." Their system is easy to use, flexible and covers many useful features allowing me to replace several systems with one.
Brian Bowlay Williams - RMN - Specialist Advisor at CQC

CareSuccess are using their State of the Art Technology digital App to help support Domiciliary care providers who look after vulnerable people in the community. From what I’ve seen so far the interoperable app is compatible with lots of other software devices and systems and able to integrate both Domiciliary Care and Health and Social care records, allowing Nurses, General Practitioners, Patients and their Families, Social Workers and Regulation Inspectors such as CQC and CCG’s greater visibility of crucial documentation and information such as Diabetes, Asthma and Alzheimers.

The app also allows fast access to up to date documentation and reports that feed into the Management dashboards. Information and live alerts can be sent to all relevant stakeholders and access can be quickly granted or denied at the point of care. Having seen the App working, I feel this will transform how domiciliary care and primary care can co-support patients at home. This is definitely one to keep an eye on as in my opinion it could definitely make my role as CQC Specialist Advisor much less complicated when it comes to inspecting and examining care records and associated data.

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