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Care providers can run their business from a single and complete digital system! Access CareSuccess from anywhere!

On Call App
Provide an Outstanding On Call Service to Clients, their family, and Carers. Reduce stress and burden of paperwork whilst increasing visibility, care standards and retention rates. Monitor and respond effectively to out of hours demands from the convenience of your mobile phone.
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eMAR & Medications Management
Mobile Medication Recording System linked in real-time to the latest cloud-based eMAR Management System that is easy to use with Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Audits, Assessments, Reviews and Document Management all within a single digital platform.
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Easily gather and retrieve evidence digitally with logged notes, photos, documents and actions across all aspects of care provision with a timeline of each Call that can be searched for by filters.
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Care Plan Information
Care Managers have all the bases covered to create, amend, audit, monitor and review a new or existing Care plan through digitalistion which ensures Carers are aware of all care to be delivered.
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Incident Reporting & PIR
Incident Reporting Effortlessly Capture, Monitor, and Analyze Incidents and Near Misses with our Digital System and move away from the burden of paper reporting. Learn More
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Care Delivery Timeline Report (eCDR)
Ensures the highest levels of care monitoring and peace of mind for family, friends and care providers. Highlights issues, ensures continuity of care, and response rates whilst Inspections become less stressful.
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Employee Management
Ensure all required information is collated and accessible to the office and management including Training Matrix and all Employment documents with reports for key dates.
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Automated Invoice Management
Automate Invoice generation whether it’s a split bill, private or local authority. Access historical invoices by useful filter and date ranges.
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Care Planning & Management
Configurable Care Plan Templates to reflect Client's needs and preferences leading to highest levels of personalised care.
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Reporting Suite
Select filtered reports for required dates to provide information at your fingertip. A full range of standard reports that you will need and the ability to create some for your own.
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User Experience
The Apps and the Management System promote higher user engagement as they are easy on the eye, intuitive and have nice colour schemes of Red, Amber, and Green (RAG).
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Live Time Dashboard Alerts
Instant Alerts from Calls as they are happen with visibility of care delivery as it happens. Statistical counts give you a daily view of whats happening.
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Interactive Digital Body Maps
Record and Monitor Skin conditions with our state of the art Body Maps. They are numbered, drawable with colours and record logged notes ensuring accuracy.
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Optimise Rota Planning

bold textCreate electronic rotas easily and quickly whether it's for a one-off call or event or recurring calls covering daily, weekdays, weekends for 7 days of the week, or a shopping call once a fortnight.

Rota for a day, a week, a month, or 12 months into the future.

If a specific call changes i.e. staff or times or reason for the call, the office can change specifics without altering the Roster for the future.


Mobile App Suite: Carer, Family, On Call and Health Care Professionals

We offer a full suite of mobile apps which provides access to Carers, Family Members, On Call Staff and Health Care Professionals.

Experience the most comprehensive suite of mobile apps in social care that is continually raising standards through our Quality Improvement Programme.

Mobile App Suite: Carer, Family, On Call and Health Care Professionals

Digital Assessments, Review & Audits

Work remotely away from the office or in the community and update directly to the management care system.

Create and customize electronic forms for use across your care organisation using drag-and-drop, select auto fill entries, default settings, text, drop-down, radio button, check box, date picker & much more.

Digital Assessments, Review & Audits

Incident Reporting & PIR

Do you need a robust Incident Management Reporting Suite with real-time capabilities?

Ensure Safe and Quality Care with Our Digital Incident Reporting Tool and Record all the information that you requir

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