Care Delivery Timeline Report (eCDR)

What is an eCDR?

An electronic care delivery timeline report, or eCDR, is a comprehensive digital report used to track, record, and monitor the care that is provided to a client or service user.

It is typically used in healthcare settings to document care delivery with a definitive timeline of each outcome with a detailed report from the start of the call to the end.

The CareSuccess digital records system provides an eCDR for each and every call or shift as well as for a specific event e.g. an emergency call, a spot check, or a client review.

The eCDR may include information about medications, notes, and observations at the point of care delivery.

It can be used to help ensure that clients receive appropriate and timely care, and to help identify any potential Safeguarding Concerns, abnormalities, or issues that may need to be addressed.

The use of an eCDR can help improve the efficiency and quality of care delivery, as it provides a centralized and easily accessible record of the care provided to a client that is made available in real time to the care team and management.

The eCDR ensures that care providers have the highest levels of care monitoring and real-time information for decision-making.

Inspections become less stressful as the Timeline shows clearly the evidence that you need for past Care history. They can be accessed remotely and are quick to retrieve.

Accessing an eCDR?

The electronic Care delivery Time Line Report is easily accessed from several areas within the CareSuccess applications. It can be viewed on the carer software app for current and historical calls. Each call will have its own Report and will be highlighted in red in several areas if an alert or Safeguarding issue has been flagged.

Care coordinators can also view eCDRs from the Rostering and Dashboard screens, whilst Clinicians can access every eCDR per visit either by a carer or a staff member. Management has access to an additional mobile app where they can also view every eCDR.

For investigations eCDR, 's can be searched, viewed, and downloaded for selected date ranges per client.

Care notes and daily logged notes

You'll never need to worry that you have not logged the evidence with the CareSuccess solution

There are four different types of care notes that can be viewed on an electronic care Delivery Report. They can all be recorded with voice dictation or typed, and each notes entry can accommodate up to 1080 characters.

  1. General Care Notes which are auditable and work offline
  2. Single entry notes for a particular care activity
  3. Multiple Notes logged per individual care activity (suitable for longer duration calls)
  4. Handover Notes which automatically appear for the carer on the next call / shift with the same client

Record Safeguarding concerns, events, and Alerts

Each Care Activity is personalised to the support requirements for each Individual Client.

For each care activity, carers can monitor mood and have the option to raise a Safeguarding Alert and document logged notes together with pictures, and images or even upload a document to the call.

Here is a list of some of the care activities we have within our applications. Additional activities are easy to create and add;

Comprehensive format

eCDR's can comprehensively display all this information in a format that is easy to read and draws the reader's attention to any issues.

Here is a list of some of the features that can be viewed on an eCDR. They are arranged in an easy-to-read format to cover all the information that you will require and each recorded outcome has a timestamp.

✅ Client Name

✅ Carer Name

✅ Date of the Call with the reason e.g. Morning Call, Lunch Call, Bed Call, tea Call, Day Shift, Night Shift (all customisable)

✅ Status of the Call e.g. Confirmed, In progress, or Completed

✅ Contracted start and end times

✅ Actual Check In and Check Out times

✅ Carer Mode of travel

✅ Handover notes from a previous call

✅ Safeguarding Alerts highlighted in Red

✅ eMAR with Reason codes, with detailed carer notes per medication

✅ Scheduled Care Activities with detailed care instructions, extensive note-taking capability with touch type or speech recognition

✅ All recorded Outcomes to include notes, pictures, moods, and care objectives

✅ Unscheduled Care Activities e.g. Incident Report with access to 27 care recording activities

✅ Care notes recording per activity

✅ General Care Notes which are exportable

✅ Mood Monitoring

✅ Care objectives and Outcomes Monitoring

✅ Interactive Body Maps

✅ Any pictures or images added to the call

✅ Tracking additional care/travel time

✅ Carer electronic signature

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