Care Planning & Management

Easy to use configurable Care Plan Templates to reflect client's needs and preferences leading to the highest levels of personalised care.

These are activated within the Management Portal and personalised for each Individual client which integrates with the Rostering system and populates the carer software.

Each care activity has a Safeguarding Alert facility and Mood monitoring capability and can be further personalised with

✅Carer instructions (simple or detailed)

✅Care notes with a single text box for a specific activity or

✅Care notes where multiple sets of notes are required


✅Multiple-choice or mutually exclusive responses

✅Upload feature for documents

Here is a list of some of the Care Plan Templates that can be made available within the CareSuccesss applications:

✅Accident / Incident / Near Miss or Incident Reporting

✅ABC Data

✅Behavior Monitoring

✅Body Marks

✅Bristol Stool


✅Clinical Waste


✅Continence Care

✅Domestic Tasks


✅Exit Checklist

✅Emotional & Psychological

✅Food Monitoring

✅Fluids Monitoring


✅Personal Care

✅PPE Stock

✅PRESSURE Sores / Ulcer Grades


✅Skin Integrity

✅Sleep Monitoring

✅Social Inclusion / Activities

✅Shopping / Finance

✅Vitals Monitoring

✅Topical Medication Application Chart (TMAR)

✅Medication Checklist in addition to the integrated eMAR

✅Seizure Monitoring

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