Incident Reporting & PIR

Streamline Incident Reporting and Safeguarding Alerts

Capture, keep an eye on, investigate, analyse and report all Accidents, Incidents & Near-misses.

Our digital, cloud-based Incident Reporting system is designed to help care staff quickly and easily report Incidents, Accidents, and Near Misses that occur whilst supporting and attending to client needs.

With just a few touches on their mobile device, care staff can raise an Incident Report or a Safeguarding Alert, which is communicated in real-time to other carers, coordinators, care managers, and management via a real-time dashboard, email alerts, and electronic care delivery timeline reports eCDRs

Our standard Incident Reporting template helps ensure that all relevant information is captured and recorded in a consistent manner with carer and client being identified with the start and end times of the call and includes:

  • The occurrence type: accident, incident or near miss
  • The actual time of the occurrence, which can be compared to the time the carer has logged and the time auto-logged by the software
  • Location of the Incident
  • Details of how the Incident occurred, with the ability to add extended digital nites if required
  • Any injury details, again with digital care notes
  • Action taken with further notes
  • Relevant pictures or documents,
  • Witnesses in attendance and their details
  • Additional comments on the surrounding circumstances before, during, and after the Incident.
  • A complete Time Line of events to include the date and time stamp
  • The form also includes the care staff's signature

Care managers can review and investigate Incidents, add additional information with regard to their investigation, and potentially escalate matters as needed.

The eCDR is automatically saved to the daily call and to both the client and carer cloud portals for management to view and review at later dates through a simple cloud storage system with a quick retrieval system.

With detailed carer log notes and a form filled out within the client's home, our Incident Reporting system helps ensure that the right information is communicated and visible to relevant staff. It also helps you to evidence processes to comply with the fundamental safety care standards

The digital Incident Reporting tool will help to ensure the safety and well-being of care staff and retrieve information for your PIR's or Pre-Inspection Provider Information Request through our integrated Incident Suite.

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