eMAR & Medications Management

Electronic Medications Management Systems increase client safety by reducing errors with the instant sharing of accurate information with your care team.

Your organisation will significantly reduce the time spent on Medicine Management Tasks with our easy-to-use state-of-the-art system that makes it simple to build and audit your client’s medication schedules and eMAR charts.


Scheduling Medication digitally reduces risk and errors significantly with accurate and up-to-date information communicated instantly 24/7.

Using intuitive icons, drop-downs and easy-to-view screens reduce the potential for scheduling mistakes.

Scheduling is quick and easy to create, amend, verify and update care teams.

✅ NHS dm+d integration

CareSucess has integrated with the NHS medicine database with its top 1000 most used medications to ensure accuracy.

The risk of selecting an incorrect medication is hugely minimised as a prepopulated list will appear as you start typing, to ensure the wrong medication has not been selected.

✅ Medication Details

Medication information is clearly displayed and easy to select from drop-down boxes for Drug, Form, Route, Dosage (minimum and maximum), Frequency, Measurement type and Administration times.

Additional administration notes or care staff instructions can be added for carers to view.

✅ PRN's

PRN or the Latin term “pro re nata,” which means “as the situation demands,” or simply, “as needed.”

Easily record any symptoms that care staff should look out for with regard to PRNs.

You can provide a reason for care staff as to why the PRN medication is needed and as to the intended use and outcome of the PRN.

Care staff will have the right information to correctly administer PRN medications.

✅ Creams, Topical Medication and Patches

Care staff can use Interactive Body Maps to record areas of the body that have creams or patches applied.

✅ Time Sensitive Medications

Medication can be scheduled for a specific time, during a time frame such as breakfast, evening, or afternoon or before or after an event such as breakfast or lunch.

Schedule Medication times quickly with icons according to a specific day of the week or multiple days of the week or an entire week and you can quickly schedule them into the future.

✅ Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Increase client safety as care staff are updated on specific medication side effects and interactions which clinicians can add to each medication.

Side effects, drug interactions and the circumstances for when a specific medication can or should be used can all be recorded during the Scheduling and will be displayed on the carer software.

✅ Track Medication dates

Easily track when a medication was prescribed, started and when it was ended.

✅ Suspension and Activation

Medication records are stored within the system and can be reactivated in line with Prescriber instructions meaning the scheduling task is efficient.

✅ Prescriber notes

Record conversations, changes and instructions from GPs, Pharmacies and Prescribers with an audit trail for each specific Medication that’s recorded under the client profile. Helps protect clients and your organisation.

✅ Medication Schedules

The Medication Schedules are clear, incorporate relevant information and are easy to cross-check.

Instantly shared with care staff with clear accurate instructions.

✅ Emergency Medication Calls

Create a one-off or Adhoc Medication Call with a few clicks which synchronises with the carer's mobile device.

✅ Medication CheckList

Create a client-centric task list or checklist for each client for care staff to complete in addition to medication schedules eg stock checks, returns or disposals.

Care staff can complete the checklists to include images, notes, and the status of the tasks, and you will receive information in real-time.

✅ Electronic Medication Documents

Carers have the right information at the right time and at the right place for the right client.

Client safety is maximised as Scheduling staff have the ability to share documents for a client and the care staff attending the Medication Call.

Documents can include Medication Plans, Medication policies and Procedures, Medication Training documents and videos, Body Maps, Care plans and more.

✅ Medication Care Continuity

The Carer software reinforces the continuity of care. Care staff can access relevant medication information on user-friendly displays on the day of the call to ensure that they are up to date with any issues.

They can quickly access Medication information for Schedules, Outcomes, Time Lines, Critical Alerts and Handover Notes.

Each Medication will display the times of administration, dose (minimum and maximum), frequency, form, route, side effects and any special or additional notes.


✅ Recording Medication Administration

Care staff can easily and quickly record medication administering outcomes and raise alerts or report an incident using icons, dropdowns and user-friendly displays.

Digital Recording saves significant time when compared to paper MAR charts admin and frees up their time to spend directly with the client.
Medication Reason Codes A comprehensive list of Medication Reason Codes that can be selected from a drop-down ensures accuracy, safety and speed.
Critical Medication Alerts Issues can be raised with a single click.
Medication Mood Monitoring tracked with the use of emojis makes it easy for care staff.
Medication Notes recording with simple speech-to-text or touch-type notes from the carer handset removes the issues of illegible handwritten notes.
Images or photos can be added eg care staff may find an unidentified medication.
Upload Medication Documents Carers can easily scan paper MAR Charts or prescriptions within their software to their current call which is available to the back office which means digital transformation is a breeze, and time is saved in transporting paperwork to the office.
Medication Incident Reporting Respond to and make decisions based on real-time information within the client's profile. Care staff can select and complete a Medicines Error and Near Miss Report Form which will be instantly available to office staff. You can use your own Incident Reporting form or one of our standard templates.


Digital Recording means you are always “in the know.”

The carer software will automatically record and synchronise with the web-based management portal:

✅ Check-in and check-out times.
✅ Medication administered times.
✅ Carer signature.
✅ eMAR highlights the Medication, Reason Code and identifies the Carer.
✅ Medication Administered Log with care notes and detailed information.
✅ Comprehensive live time information.

Reports will ensure that you will know who administered the medication to whom and what time and the status of the administration together with detailed notes.

Management can raise a Medication Incident within the web portal and attach evidence and notes which create a specific trackable audit for compliance.


Care coordinators, clinicians, care managers, regional managers, and directors have access to relevant information that they require through the

Electronic Medication Administration Reports can be retrieved for each client for selected date ranges.

The information listed under the section "Accountability" ensures that Management has an effective 24/ 7 monitoring system that can be accessed from anywhere with a secure internet connection.


Generate Medication Reports with ease from your office, at home or in the community with real-time updates and auto storage to the interactive client and staff profiles.

✅ eMAR.
✅ Medication Administered detailed Log.
✅ Medication Incident Reports.
✅ Electronic Time Line reports (e CDRs).

MEDICATION FEEDBACK from Clients, their Families, and Staff

Use your existing or design your own Medication Feedback forms for clients or staff that can be completed digitally as a questionnaire from the convenience of your laptop and completed on care staff or family mobile devices,

Results are instantly stored and really quick to retrieve from the cloud.


The interactive client portal has an Audit tracking facility which makes compliance less stressful.

Here you can search Audits by date ranges, and whether they have been completed or checked by a Manager.

You can select the type of Audit you are creating e.g. eMAR or Missed Medications.

The system will auto-select the start date of the Audit and the person initiating the audit.

Complaints, findings and recommendations can all be logged to provide further Audit details.

You can track your compliance percentage, completion date and the next due date for the Audit together with which staff member has completed the Audit.

You can also track whether the Care plan has been updated with the recommendations.


A similar process can be conducted as outlined in the Audits section

✅ Electronic Document Suite

Create, form fill and store digitally to client portal eg Medication Risk Assessments, Medication Reviews and Audits, Care Plans and PRN Protocols.

The same process can be conducted for Staff Medication Reviews and Assessments.


Sharing Medication Schedules, eMAR or eCDR with family, healthcare professionals, pharmacists and GPs becomes easy with secure authentication and dedicated software.

Grant temporary access with user-based permission protocols.


At CareSuccess we are committed to continually developing features that will benefit all stakeholders in Adult Social Care by listening to our customers in regular feedback sessions.

New features that will be available soon include a Configurable Setting for Dashboard / Email Alert with and Call status information.

As part of our programme, we will be rolling out our Business Intelligence Suite and Off Line Capabilities.

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