Rostering Management Suite

Optimised Planning

Electronic Rota Management System (eRMS) with valuable integrations

As a social care provider, managing the scheduling and tracking of care staff can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Designed specifically for social care providers, including domiciliary care, supported living, day centers, and residential or nursing care homes.

That's where our electronic Rostering and Scheduling suite comes in.

Our comprehensive care management system brings together a range of important features to help you streamline your care operations and improve efficiency.

With our system, you can easily manage employees, clients, and funders, as well as plan and roster care, monitor activities in real time, and handle reconciliation, finance, and payroll.

Our system is designed to save you time, reduce costs, and minimize errors, while giving care workers, clients, and management real-time access to the information they need.

With a single, easy-to-use platform, you can streamline your care operations and improve efficiency, making it easier to provide the high-quality care that your clients deserve.


Our system integrates with

✅care planning,

✅electronic medication administration records (eMAR),

✅care delivery recording and monitoring

✅staff pay,

✅invoicing, and more to provide a complete solution for managing care.


With our system, you can roster both shorter calls and longer shifts from a single, digital system accessible remotely.

We understand that care coordinators are often under pressure and need efficient tools to manage, track, and edit carer calls. That's why we've developed a simple, quick, and easy scheduling tool with many digital features like drag and drop.

Our visual screen views are designed for coordinators' efficiency, and our help tool provides a useful resource for any questions or issues that arise.

With a glance, coordinators can see a color-coded status, staff availability, and tag or drag and drop calls with daily, weekly, and bi-monthly calendars.

The use of digital tools will optimize both coordinator and carer time.

Rota screens can be viewed from both a client's and a carer's perspective.

Our system allows you to create and manage recurring or one-off rotas with ease.

Easy to use

With a click of the mouse, you can create client rotas in advance. One-off events, such as emergency calls or carer training, can also be easily created.


Our system offers a range of features to help you create and edit rota planning, including the ability to consider client preferences, with carer instructions, schedule specific days and times, and manage medication administration.

Staff pay and Invoicing

Staff wages and billing rates can also be easily managed.

Care Planning Integration

Additionally, our system allows for personalised care planning with comprehensive care activity templates or the ability to create your own.

Once a rota template or care request has been created, you can easily allocate staff to an Individual or multiple calls or shifts.

The system offers flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use to help coordinators maximize productivity.

The CareSuccess digital systems allow you to view carer availability and unavailability and easily fulfill late cover requirements.

Unallocated Calls

Available carers can request uncovered calls or shifts with coordinator authorisation, and care staff changes can be made instantly with "tagging" without affecting the care request template. Calls can be unallocated with drag and drop or with a couple of clicks, and events can be easily edited or reassigned.

Our system also offers daily, weekly, and bi-monthly views, as well as easy-to-use filters to help coordinators search quickly and by multiple staff or clients.

Runs, Groups, and Locations

We offer Runs with Maps, distances, times, and nudges for both small and larger care providers, with the ability to create flexible, fast visits, calls, and shifts that are personalised to your organization's requirements.

Create visits according to your organization's needs, including Morning, Lunch, Tea, Evening, Bed, Social Inclusion, or one-off Emergencies. Waking or Sleeping Nights and shifts of various lengths can also be easily scheduled.

Rotas can be created for your entire organization or for specific clients and specific calls or visits for carers and management (spot checks and client reviews).

You'll never miss a call, and schedules are automatically dispatched to the carer app and sent via email with brief details.

Maps Integration

The Maps feature allows you to plan and optimize travel routes for carers, and our care plan review feature allows for quick changes as client needs and support requirements.

Management and care teams are kept up to date enabling a Responsive care service with decision-making based on accurate information leading to Outstanding Care Standards.

Real-Time Information (RTI) and an electronic Care Delivery Time Line Report (eCDR) will give you all the necessary evidence for Inspections and to achieve the CQC ratings that your organisation deserves.

Continuous Product Development

We are committed to adding new valuable functionality. Since the writing of this content, many new functions have been added.

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