On Call App

Do you provide an On Call or Out of hours Shift?

If your answer is Yes, then the On Call App will be invaluable to your care organisation. Its focus is to empower Staff who cover the out of hours service or on call shift and to provide safe, effective person centred care.

Rise to the demands outside of the 9 to 5

Family complaints, an emergency, Carer cancellations and time sensitive medication calls being missed . If this sounds familiar, you will wonder as to how you ever coped without this digital tool.

Stay Connected

Management and On Call Staff can now access Carer Calls and diaries, mobile numbers and care activity from the convenience of their mobile phone at any time, on any day from any location as long as your phone has wifi or a mobile data connection. Response times to sensitive situations are minimised ensuring better care standards.

Stay in Control

The On Call App is part of our digital records system that will help to ensure that a Client's needs are met, family members concerns are addressed and contracted hours are fulfilled, leading to Outstanding Care, support for Carers and a Well Led organisation.

On Call Staff can view and manage Calls whilst away from the office whether they are at home late at night or out for the evening.

If a Carer is unable to attend a call, you can view their call details as well as other Carer's availability. The On Call App allows you to call and / or allocate a new Carer from the app. The new Carer will receive immediate notification to their Carer mobile app.

Visiblility, Evidence and Compliance

On Call Staff can monitor care delivery, both at the point and at the time of care being delivered. Our innovative electronic care delivery time line report (eCDR), is a report detailing every aspect of care delivery during a Call.

The eCDR can be viewed on the On Call App and the Management portal in real time. Its immediately viewable on the dashboard, and filed under both the Client and Carer profiles.

The On Call App synchronises in real time with the Management portal through a dynamic dashboard and ensures you can retrieve accurate historical information for Audits, Compliance, Reviews and Inspections.

Increase Staff Retention Rates

Cloud based technology will reduce stress and the pace of manual note taking whilst multi-tasking. In turn staff will feel supported and valued leading to a happier and more productive workforce with higher retention rates.


Management with Admin rights can quickly assign or remove rights to comply with data processing legislation. User based permission roles ensure data processing legislation.

Senior Management

Management can easily, quickly and remotely create and allocate Carers, Seniors or Care Managers to one off Calls eg. emergencies, missed medications, meetings, or risk assessments from the comfort and convenience of their mobile phone, tablet or lap top.

Training and Implementation

The CareSuccess Training Academy is an efficient implementation and onboarding strategy with short virtual training sessions (Train the Trainers), Carer app training acessible 24/7 and certification with reporting functionality.

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