Digital "Medication Administration Records Checklist"

Digital "Medication Administration Records Checklist"

Medication Administration Records Checklist

When it comes to administering medication to those in your care, it is crucial that you have an efficient and effective system in place. A medication administration record (MAR) checklist is a tool that can help ensure that you have all the necessary steps covered and that the service you provide is of the highest standard.

In this blog, we will go through a comprehensive MAR checklist and why it is important.

We will also discuss how a paper-based checklist can be digitised by CareSuccess, making recording and retrieval for inspections quick, fast, and easy.

Care Planning

The first step in ensuring an effective medication administration system is to have a care plan that accurately describes the person’s needs, wishes, and preferences with their medication. For example, do they prefer to take all of their tablets in one go or one at a time? It is important that your staff understand their role in helping the service user achieve their desired medication routine, by adding the care required to the care plan.

Writing up the MAR sheet

Having a system in place for writing the MAR is essential. This may be done by the pharmacist (if they offer this service) or by the senior care worker/supervisor. If the MAR is handwritten, it must be legible, using capital letters as these are less likely to be joined up. The MAR must be easy for your staff to understand and follow, and all relevant sections must be completed in full. To ensure accuracy, you may consider implementing a system of checking hand-written MARs, such as having two people write and check the MAR or one person recheck the MAR at the next visit.

If your staff administers ‘over-the-counter medication (OTC), they must check with the GP whether it is safe to administer such OTC meds and add these to the MAR. It is also important to check that dispensing labels are not stuck onto MARs, as these don’t form a permanent record.

Codes must be easily identifiable and your staff must know when these should be used. Prescriptions are rarely dispensed with specific times on the labels, so it is important to discuss ideal administration times with your service users, adding these to the care plan, rather than completing all MARs with a catch-all time, for example, 8:00 am.

Check the MAR at each visit

It is essential to explain the importance of staff checking the care plan and MAR at each visit. Staff must not rely on memory, as medication can change from visit to visit, particularly if the person is on medication such as steroids or anticoagulants.

Completing the MAR / PRN recording sheet

If a PRN recording sheet is used, care staff must initial each box after they have given the medication (not before). Staff must also record the time and dosage of PRN medication, so that staff visiting later know what has been given and when. Keeping an initial sheet in your office can help you identify the initials of each care worker who administers medication. It is important to check that your staff’s initials are not the same as one of your codes. If a code is used, your staff must write a note of this and the action taken in the daily record/diary and report this on, if applicable.

MAR CHART free-printable-medication-administration-record_135093.png

Changing the MAR

If a medication is changed or deleted, the entire medication must be crossed out by putting a line through it, then dated and signed. The amended dose should then be re-written on the record after the other medication.

Benefits of Digitising the MAR Checklist with CareSuccess

While a paper-based MAR checklist is a useful tool for tracking medication administration, it can also present several challenges, such as the potential for errors, difficulties in retrieving information, and the time and effort required to maintain accurate records. By digitising the MAR checklist with CareSuccess, these challenges can be overcome, providing several key benefits for your care organization.

Improved Accuracy and Data Management:

One of the Primary benefits of digitising the MAR checklist is that it helps to reduce the risk of errors in medication administration. With CareSuccess, staff can quickly and easily input medication information into the system, and the software will automatically track and store this information for future reference. This eliminates the risk of human error and ensures that all medication information is accurately recorded and up-to-date.

Increased Efficiency:

Another major advantage of digitising the MAR checklist is the increased efficiency that it provides. With CareSuccess, staff can quickly and easily access medication information from any device, eliminating the need to search through paper records or manually enter information into the system. This can greatly reduce the time and effort required to manage medication records, allowing staff to focus more on delivering quality care to their clients.

Enhanced Reporting:

CareSuccess also provides powerful reporting allowing care organisations to quickly and easily track medication administration. With real-time access to data, organisations can make informed decisions about their medication administration processes and improve the overall quality of care.

Enhanced Inspection Readiness:

One of the most important benefits of digitising the MAR checklist with CareSuccess is enhanced inspection readiness. With all medication information stored in a secure and easily accessible digital system, organisations can quickly and easily retrieve information for inspections, eliminating the need to spend hours searching for paper records. This not only saves time and effort but also helps to demonstrate the organization's commitment to quality care and data management.

Digitising the MAR checklist with CareSuccess provides a range of benefits for care organisations, from improved accuracy and data management to enhanced inspection readiness and increased efficiency.

By adopting this innovative solution, care providers from all settings can streamline their medication administration processes, improve overall quality of care, and better meet the needs of their clients.

Transform your medication administration with ease! Upgrade to a digital MAR checklist with CareSuccess for improved accuracy, increased efficiency, enhanced reporting, and top-notch inspection readiness.

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