Empower Your Care Team with CareSuccess's Advanced EMMS

Empower Your Care Team with CareSuccess's Advanced EMMS

What information is displayed within the CareSuccess electronic Medication Management System (eMMS)?

Here are some other details that may be shown on the CareSuccess medications system. See more

✅ Patient Information

Patient name and demographic information such as age, gender, and date of birth Allergies and sensitivities Current medications and medication history

✅ Medication Orders

Prescriber's name and contact information Order date and expiration date Refill information Any special instructions or precautions

✅ Medication Administration

Dates and times that medications were administered Detailed carer notes and instructions Who administered the medications (e.g. nurse, caregiver) Any adverse reactions or problems that occurred during the administration Reason codes

✅ Reporting and Alerts

Real-time alerts for missed doses eMAR (reports) for tracking medication use and adherence Auditing tools for verifying medication orders and administration

Overall, the CareSuccess medications system is designed to provide a comprehensive view of a patient's medication regimen, including details on the medications themselves, patient information, medication orders, and medication administration.

By displaying all of this information in a clear and organized way, the system can help healthcare professionals manage medications more efficiently and effectively.


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