Training Academy

On-Line Academy

The On-Line Training Academy is an efficient and convenient solution to onboard staff as your digital transformation journey moves forward.

Minimise downtime with a cost-effective solution that is accessible by Carers 24 hours per day from any location.

Online training videos have been specifically catered for the learning of the Carer mobile app as well as the On Call app in a series of short modules.

Management can easily record, identify and deploy training requirements as and when needed.


Carers can access the Academy at any time to continue their learning of the Carer mobile app.

Management and On-Call Staff can access both the On-Call App and Carer mobile app training modules.

Delivered in short modules to ensure a good foundation, which can be revisited to recap and catch up with any new features.

Remove the need to organise Carers into a classroom setting, but if you feel the need, we can support you.

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