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Unallocated and Missed Calls: Maximizing Care, Earnings, and Peace of Mind

Unallocated and Missed Calls: Maximizing Care, Earnings, and Peace of Mind

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In today's ever-evolving world of adult social care, ensuring that every Call, Shift, or Visit is attended to promptly is a mission-critical task.

The unpredictability of staff absenteeism and unavailability presents unique challenges for care providers. Unallocated calls can occasionally slip through the cracks, leading to Missed Calls or Shifts – a problem that impacts clients, care providers, and even regulatory compliance.

At CareSuccess, we've developed a solution to help in the way care providers manage their operations and ensure uninterrupted care for clients. Our state-of-the-art carer mobile app introduces the Unallocated Calls feature.

In this blog, we'll explore the numerous benefits this feature offers and how it works.

For Family Members: Reliable Care, Peace of Mind

Imagine a scenario where your loved one requires care, and their well-being depends on it. Unforeseen situations can arise, leading to the unavailability of regular staff members due to sickness or absence. This is where the Unallocated Calls feature shines.

Our app allows dedicated carers to step in and fill the gaps efficiently. This means your loved one continues to receive consistent care, regardless of staffing challenges. You can rest assured knowing that their needs will be met, providing you with invaluable peace of mind.

For Clients: Continuity in Care Experience

Clients are at the heart of adult social care, and continuity of care is paramount to their well-being. The Unallocated Calls feature in the carer mobile app helps reduce the number of Missed Calls or Missed Shifts, directly benefiting clients. With this feature, clients can have confidence in the reliability and professionalism of the care provided. Their daily routines and essential care tasks remain uninterrupted, enhancing their overall care experience.

For Carers: Maximizing Earnings

Carers play a pivotal role in the care industry, and their dedication deserves recognition. The Unallocated Calls feature offers carers an opportunity to increase earnings, especially with the "cost of living crisis." By requesting an Unallocated call, carers can make the most out of their working hours. It's a financial reward for their commitment, and helps to increase retention rates.

For the Back Office Team: Efficient Resource Management

Efficiently managing Calls/Shifts with staff allocation can be challenging, especially when it comes to filling gaps. Our carer mobile app supports the back-office team, particularly care coordinators, in this endeavour.

Care coordinators can easily assign Unallocated calls to available carers, ensuring seamless care provision. This not only reduces the pressure on the back-office team but also enables them to manage daily changes in staff availability efficiently.

For Management: Compliance and Reputation

Care providers understand the importance of compliance with regulatory standards and contractual obligations. The Unallocated Calls feature demonstrates a commitment to reliability and high-quality care services.

With this feature, care providers can ensure that Calls and Shifts are rarely missed, aligning with the expectations of local authorities, commissioners, and funders. It enhances the care provider's reputation and trustworthiness in the industry.

The Path Forward

We've explored how the Unallocated Calls feature in the Care Mobile app offers benefits for all stakeholders involved. It assists care providers in reducing the incidence of Missed Calls and provides peace of mind to clients and family members, enables efficient resource management for the back-office team, and demonstrates the care provider's commitment to compliance and quality.

As we continuously improve, innovate, and adapt to the evolving needs of the care industry, the Unallocated Calls feature is a solution that embodies our dedication to delivering exceptional digital tools for you to deliver Outstanding Care. It's a small part of a suite of digital tools that raises the bar for Rota Management and Care Provision.

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