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The 9-Step Digital Care Records Transformation Plan

The 9-Step Digital Care Records Transformation Plan

With any care recording system which transfers real-time alerts and care recording to management and care coordinators, the system will only be as good as the person entering the information.

Hence, a quality carer training and induction programme will ensure that your organisation can leverage the digital tools combined to create the Ultimate Care Recording And Monitoring System.

Groundwork with a strong foundation is needed to overcome and level up the digital divide between the NHS and social care.

The 9 Steps

StepsApprox. Timescales
Step 1: Introduction: Background, Legislation, Handling Objections & Assurances. Designed to help Care Staff to start Onboarding with the right mindset.30 to 60 minutes
Step 2: What's The Benefit For The Carer: 8 simple to use digital tools that will help with their Safety, Earnings and Workload.
For Online based training Care Staff will need to view the live training on a separate device to ensure that they can action tasks on the mobile device that they will eventually use in the community.
60 minutes
Step 3: Care Staff Access and Configuration: Download, Security, PIN, Thumb print, face recognition, Credentials & Training Academy.60 minutes
Step 4: Client Visit - detailed demonstration.60 - 90 minutes
Step 5: Client / Service User Portal.60 minutes
Step 6: Staff Portal.45 minutes
Step 7: The 7 Day Trial.10 minutes per day x 5 / 7 days
Step 8: Carer QA delivered on the carer app. - See BelowN/A
Step 9: Care Staff Assessment.N/A

At this point, your Care Staff will be competent to use all the features in the mobile app and leverage all the benefits to help them deliver responsive and effective care as they record and monitor care delivery to an "Outstanding" level within a safe and caring person centred environment, and for your organisation to be a digitally enabled well led social care provider.

Care Staff Quality Assurance Modules

ModulesApprox. Timescales
QA 1: Favourite features (25) which reinforce the benefits for carers.30 minutes for care staff
QA 2: 52 simple questions that measure a Carer's understanding and if further support is required.30 minutes for care staff
QA 3: 29 Multiple Choice to gauge Carer knowledge of the care workflow process within the mobile app.45 minutes for care staff
QA 4: 4 Tasks to complete on the mobile app.30 minutes for care staff
QA 5: 5 exercises for Carers based upon care notes to provide practice and familiarisation as to when to use characters and voice to text.20 to 30 minutes for care staff
QA 6: Top 3 Favourites which reinforce benefits to Carers.40 minutes for care staff


  • Create your own or add your current Training Programmes, Audits, Surveys and Assessments to be deployed for carers and staff within the mobile app.
  • You can provide further support to carers as you can share your training documents to the carer app as well as policy and procedures, their contract of employment and handouts.
  • We can train a member (s) of your organisation to create your Audits, Assessments and Quality Assurance Surveys within the mobile app. If you would like me to show how one of your Staff training can be created within the mobile app, feel free to contact me at
  • Train the trainer initiatives and access to the plan for all our clients will help you to ensure budgets are not exceeded and quality foundational support is not comprised.

Additional Resources

  1. Online Academy - short videos act as a reference point or refresher training for both carers, on-call staff, Trainers and Assessors.
  2. The 6 QA Modules are available online leading to certification.
  3. All of the QA Modules are available on the mobile app which gives your Trainer the flexibility to allocate Training directly to the carer's app either a single or multiple modules ensuring a clear foundation is maintained.
  4. We can train your carers directly via video calls in small groups or train your trainer directly.
  5. On-call App for staff covering the out-of-hours service - how technology can help with your out-of-hours service.

Our Customer experiences

  1. A day before writing this article, I was in a carer meeting and the director ( I will refer to him as Mr T), prior to the meeting had commented that the carer app was easy to use as he had completed the digital training for himself, and yet in the meeting, he realised that the basic digital understanding of accessing a website, visiting play store or the app store, and then being able to navigate around a mobile phone were simple tasks, and yet some of his care team were not familiar with these aspects and he recognised the difference in basic digital skills. As an organisation, we will not only hold your hand but that of your carer too: we are all only as good as our weakest link, and I am talking here of self-interest as both your care business and our technology business is actually in the hands of the carer's basic digital knowledge.
  2. We have a customer in Surrey (Mr E) who is under constant pressure from a very busy home care agency with both short calls and with 24/7. Emergencies occur daily which tend to be the norm where ultimately he has to make a decision to sacrifice training and inevitably has now realise that the effectiveness of the transformation plan for his care staff is at the very heart of his care company.
  3. A client of ours in Worcester consisting of a husband and wife team (Mr W) were introduced to our carer app and having used other systems in the past, implemented the change to our systems with no need for a full digital plan. They created their own action plan which has been effective.
  4. A Mr J for whom we developed the ability to scan large documents into the carer app spent a couple of hours learning the app with our in-house trainer. Mr J is now using the carer app in various locations in England and Scotland.

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