Review: The Power of a Comprehensive Care Management System

Review: The Power of a Comprehensive Care Management System

As a customer of CareSuccess, I wanted to share my firsthand experience and the power of a comprehensive care management system.

In this review, I'll share how CareSuccess has made our jobs as carers more manageable, reduced paperwork, and increased our confidence in delivering quality care.

Reducing chaos and paperwork

At the very start, I recognised the potential of this software to reduce the chaos of paperwork during both a request for information and a pending CQC inspection. However, now, having used it for some time, I have come to understand the depth of its capabilities in delivering efficient and effective care. The software has made our jobs as carers more manageable, and we have the confidence that care is being delivered effectively as we can monitor it in real time.

Comprehensive note-taking facilities

We have comprehensive note-taking facilities that include visual records, and if needed, we can ask service users or their families to sign at the point of care being delivered. With our previous system we had so many gaps in our communication and medication logs but going forwards we are now covered with CareSuccess which is such a huge relief.

Powerful rostering system

The power of the rostering system gives a solution to create one-off emergency visits as and when needed or recurring rotas and includes complaint investigations, client reviews, and spot checks. It allows us to demonstrate to the CQC how Responsive our care service is. The system as a whole has given us the ability and confidence to demonstrate the required evidence to the CQC.

Immediate call cancellation

An impressive feature of the CareSuccess software is the ability to cancel calls immediately. For example, one client fell, and the carer raised a critical alert to which we were able to react immediately and were able to cancel the calls and communicate this to rostered staff without having to change the care planning future rotas. It was efficient, fast, and effective, and at the same time, we could place the client in an inactive mode and make notes regarding the situation in several different areas and raise an incident report so that the entire care team was aware of the situation from carer to a care coordinator to management. The communication facilities are excellent.

Empowering system with ongoing support

The whole system is empowering, and as we discover new areas of the system, our team is becoming more empowered as the CareSuccess team gradually trains and supports us at our pace. This has made the roles and jobs of the carers so much more manageable, and we can focus on delivering quality care to our clients.

Features that make daily tasks easier

The software has features that make our daily care tasks easier, such as check-in and out, today's calls, emails, weekly views, safeguarding alerts, voice-to-text, touch type, and medications. It has reduced the paperwork that used to take up so much of our time, allowing us to focus on our primary role, providing the best possible care to our clients.

Final thoughts

CareSuccess has been a game-changer for our care service, and I would highly recommend it to any care service provider. The software has given us the ability to manage our daily tasks effectively, reducing paperwork and increasing our confidence in delivering quality care. Its comprehensive features make it stand out from other care management systems, and the support we receive from the CareSuccess team has been exceptional.

If you're looking for a comprehensive care management system that empowers your team and streamlines your daily tasks, then CareSuccess is the right choice for you. I daresay, I know that CareSuccess has been integral to raising our Care Ratings.

If you want to talk to me directly about CareSuccess, here is my number: 07446 238 723

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