My Journey with CareSuccess

My Journey with CareSuccess

As someone who has worked in the care industry for many years, I understand the importance of having the right tools to ensure that we are providing the best possible care for our clients. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with CareSuccess, the best care management system I’ve come across in my career.

Domiciliary Care, Daycentre and Transport: 3 care services

When I first joined the Charity they had already selected a software provider for our needs. As a wraparound service that includes domiciliary care, a daycare centre, and transport, we needed a system that was modular and adaptable enough to handle all aspects of our multi-faceted organization. Some members of our management team were sceptical that such a system even existed, but after joining a call to see some of the functions, I became convinced that CareSuccess could handle all three aspects of our organization.

Compliance and evidence

One of the things that really impressed me about CareSuccess was its potential for compliance and evidence, which is crucial in our industry. The system’s evidence was to a high standard, which gave me confidence that we would be able to meet all of our regulatory requirements.

I was appointed to handle the implementation with CareSuccess, and my experience working with their team was excellent. After a handful of video calls, I started to investigate the wider benefits of digital transformation, and I became convinced that even for a Care Charity, the digital transformation would be highly beneficial. We used a lot of paper for recording and evidence, and it was just a matter of time before we had to make the switch.

During the training and implementation stage, I began to realise how all the different parts of the software communicate with each other. By making mistakes with trial clients and staff, and with the support of their training team, I again realised how well the system was connected. It also highlighted the inconsistencies between our internal departments at the Charity, such as activities at the day centre, transport, and domiciliary care activities not being in sync with the billing. But by using CareSuccess software throughout the charity, we were able to overcome these inconsistencies.

Person-centre care

One of the things that really stood out to me about CareSuccess was its focus on person-centred care. The system made it simple to personalise care activities, including medication, which confirmed the quality of the system and the inconsistencies in our previous process prior to CareSuccess.


Another benefit of CareSuccess was its visibility. I am now able to quickly view who is able to do what, who is available, and to set up rotas quickly and easily, and to be able to amend them as staff availability changes.

Training and support

The training that I received during the digital transformation was invaluable, and the support from the CareSuccess team has always been excellent quick and efficient. They really do support us in every aspect of their system.

I can confidently say that CareSuccess is the best care management system out there. It has transformed the way we work, making us more efficient and effective in providing care for our clients. If you’re looking for the best care software and management system, look no further than CareSuccess.

Josh Swinson-Davis Spectrum Days Droitwich

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