Electronic Medication: PRN's, Topical, Creams and Sprays

Electronic Medication: PRN's, Topical, Creams and Sprays

PRN's, Creams, Topical Medication, Sprays and Patches

What is a PRN?

PRN (pro re nata) medications are medications that are taken as needed, rather than on a fixed schedule. These medications are often used to treat symptoms or conditions that come and go, such as pain or anxiety.

PRN medications can be prescribed by a healthcare provider and are typically used in addition to a patient's regular medication regimen.

It's important to have accurate and detailed information about PRN (as needed) medications, as they are not given on a fixed schedule like other medications.

By recording symptoms that care staff should look out for, you can ensure that PRN medications are only given when necessary.

Providing a reason for the PRN medication and outlining the intended use and outcome can also help care staff understand why the medication is being given and how it will help the patient.

Creams, topical medications, and patches can also be difficult to manage, as they are applied to specific areas of the body rather than being taken orally.

Using interactive body maps to record the location of these medications can help care staff keep track of where they have been applied and ensure that they are being used correctly.

CareSuccess medication systems can track, allocate, and make all care staff aware of historical medication events in a clear and simple format.

This helps to ensure that all members of the care team have access to accurate and up-to-date information about a patient's medication history.

By tracking medication events, care staff can quickly and easily see what medications a patient has taken, when they were taken, and who administered them.

This can be especially helpful for managing medications, as it allows care staff to see the symptoms that prompted the use of the medication and the outcomes of the treatment.

Overall, the CareSuccess medication system is designed to help care staff manage medications more effectively and improve patient safety.

By tracking and organizing medication information in a clear and simple format, the system can help to reduce the risk of errors and ensure that patients receive the correct medications at the right time.

One of the benefits of using CareSuccess is that all medication administration is clearly and instantly viewable on the electronic clinical data repository (eCDR), electronic medication administration record (eMAR), and detailed medication care logs.

This allows care staff to quickly and easily see what medications have been administered, when they were given, and to whom. The system also has the ability to share this information with prescribers or general practitioners (GPs), which can help to improve communication and coordination of care.

By tracking and managing all types of medications, including PRN medications, creams, and sprays, in a single system, you can streamline the medication management process and improve patient safety.

CareSuccess is a powerful tool that can help you do just that.

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