Dr. Parmar Review CareSuccess

Dr. Parmar Review CareSuccess

As a healthcare provider with both an Adult Social Care company and a Private GP practice, I have used a variety of systems throughout my 20 years in the NHS. However, since discovering CareSuccess, I can confidently say that their system has been a game-changer for my practices.

Comprehensive and Simple to Use

The CareSuccess system is a “godsend”. Their system is both simple to use and very comprehensive, making it easy to populate forms and store records in their cloud storage. This simplicity and functionality make it a fantastic system for all healthcare providers.

Efficient Record-Keeping and Communication

With CareSuccess, I can easily send records and prescriptions to patients and GPs. The system's ease of use on the PC, laptop, and app has opened doors for me as someone who is not tech-savvy and didn't want to spend time understanding a complicated system.

Superior Service and Support

Compared to my previous system, which cost several times more and left me without adequate support, CareSuccess has been phenomenal. Their team provides exceptional service, and they even helped me answer questions from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) about the system, which gave me the confidence to expand my practices.

Unmatched Support and Personal Attention

CareSuccess provides unparalleled support for their clients, always arranging Zoom calls to discuss any issues that may arise. They are willing to spend time with us to ensure that we understand and can use the system effectively. Furthermore, they are available when we need them, giving us peace of mind as healthcare providers.


My personal experience with CareSuccess has been quite extraordinary. They have given me the confidence and peace of mind I need to operate my practices successfully. Therefore, I highly recommend their system to anyone looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly, and supportive system for their healthcare practice.

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