5+ Ways Home Care Can Benefit From Google Maps

In this short article, we are going to discuss about 5+ ways Home Care can benefit from Google Maps.

Why Google Maps is important?

According to Business Insider, Google Maps is the 4th most popular smartphone app. With over 54% of global smartphone owners using it and by May 2017, Google had reported to have 2 billion users on Android.

Google maps has a host of features with several that make care management (delivery, planning and monitoring), far easier than using A-Z maps or paper records.

Features such as real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, and public transport have been a “game changer” for Home Care especially as Google has allowed these features to be integrated into mobile carer apps.

How we use Google Maps at CareSuccess?

CareSuccess has incorporated Google Maps to ensure a carer is able to view time, distance and routes from their starting point to each Visit to a Customer’s Home.

They are able to view on a single screen on their mobile app or a tablet their route, and even have an enhanced feature to Request an Un-allocated Call as they can check to see if they are close to their route.

The integration between Google Maps and CareSuccess presents a modern feel and look.

Todays Visits & Location Map

Ways Home Care Can Benefit From Google Maps

You might be wondering on Ways Home Care can benefit from Google Maps? Well, let me tell you!

Google Maps helps optimise rostering as diary coordinators can plan routes effectively and monitor where carers are during working hours.

Carer pay can be distinguished between worked paid hours and travel mileage calculations.

Furthermore, coordinators can pre-plan a route based upon the location of a new customer in relation to current customers and carers who visit current customers which helps to reduce travel times and distances.

Location monitoring also ensures that a carer is where they are actually supposed to be which allows providers to spot potential issues earlier before they escalate.

Google has enabled care provision to be even better by providing its technology to integrate with apps designed specifically for home care providers both in the UK and globally.

5+ ways Home Care can benefit from Google Maps – Summarised

  1. Optimised Rostering
  2. Distinguished Carer Pay between Hours and Travel Mileage
  3. Reduced travel times and distances
  4. Location Monitoring
  5. Real-time traffic conditions
  6. Route planning for traveling by foot, car, and public transport

We’ve got your covered!

At CareSucess, we have ECM, NFC, Intime, Outime, Location, Google maps and Mileage all built into a system packed with advanced features to equip your care provider business for the next round of legislation.

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