Reduce Paper and Improve Business.

Real-Time Dashboard Alerts and Data Recording Providing Bespoke and Dynamic Reports.​

Staff reports indicating, Absence, Annual leave, Sickness, Parental leave, DBS Expiration, Right to Work, Driving Licence, Insurance and Training Matrix.

On the Service User reports, ABC Report, Blood Glucose, Fluid Intake, Activities are just a few of the reports which can be made bespoke to your business.

Enables Responsive Care using a RAG system and Dashboard Alerts – a real-time view of activity and dynamic reporting.

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Retrieve reports easily and quickly by date range, person or type of report.

No more delving into boxes of paper reports and charts.

Access reports securely through the cloud and remotely.

Service User, Staff, Compliance or Audit information.

Ability to create your own bespoke reports.

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Dynamic reporting will improve your compliance, your time and ultimately save you money.

Intelligent software provides you with powerful analytics and reporting.

A drill-down facility means that you can search and access your business analysis and isolate the reports that matter to you the most.

Following the consultations, we have a system tailored to your needs. The smart use of technology and data provides you with details on the care notes taken at the point of care.

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"CareSuccess are industry leaders, no two ways about it. The most professional and diligent in their industry (and we've worked with many). Their attention to detail is very impressive and their care management system is the most comprehensive we have seen. An example to the rest in their industry."

– Dr. Daniel Rahnavard Ph.D (Founder at The Fountain Group)

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