CareSuccess has worked diligently for many years developing software to meet the exacting needs of the care Industry.

Extensive consultation has been undertaken. The system has been tested and improved continuously, with advice from care professionals, a Doctor, Social Workers, Dietitian, Care Workers and Care Providers.

CareSuccess is actively looking for persons within the Care Sector to partner with us in our quest to revolutionise the Care Industry.​​ We want individuals who share our passion and are equipped to help us to shape our rapid growth plans. Imagine being a part of a growing organisation with a persons care needs being centric to everything that we do.

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It is widely acknowledged that care is in crisis and we would accept that there are many elements which require attention.

One key area which can influence the effective delivery of person-focused care is through the use of efficient technology.

CareSuccess has experience working in the care industry for decades, with 4000 clients and state of the art technology. We have spent over two years working on a bespoke Care Management System with the aim of future proofing through an ongoing commitment to continuous software enhancements.

Envisage yourself being a part of a new revolution in health care and instrumental in its implementation across all areas of care in the UK.

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If you have experience and or contacts in the Care Sector, we are happy to talk to you about ways in which you can play a part in our exciting growth plans.

With a good grasp of technology, we will train you to gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of our Care Management System. Subsequently, you can help others to benefit, improve their service levels and save money on their business.

There are several roles, and if you wish, you could grasp an opportunity to monetise your knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector and be part of something exceptional in the years to come. webp to jpg 1

Want to work with us?

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