In and Out Time Recording in Home Care

In this short article, we are going to discuss about In-Out Time Recording in Home Care via CareSuccess’ App.

What do we offer?

We offer a suite of mobile apps that are available on Android and iOS and are full of features such as an EMAR solution enabling Care providers to run their home care agency with optimal efficiency.

Let’s look at an example!

Let me give you one example of our Electronic Call Monitoring also built into the mobile carer app.

Each carer logs into the mobile app, where they will see an easy to use screen with their Calls or Visits for the current day as well as their 4 week diary into the future (which they cannot add any information into).

Once they click on a Visit scheduled for the current day, they will see the customer’s image (subject to the appropriate consents), the DNAR status and the care tasks to be performed.


Todays Visits & Location Map

What is the importance of NFC in Home Care Agencies?

Many of our client’s are being requested by Commissioning Groups to have technologies like NFC in place at the point of renewal of existing contracts in the UK.

The USA are a few steps ahead, under recent legislation, all home care services paid for by the government needs to have Electronic Visit Verification (or ECM) via Near Field Communication (NFC) and other technologies.

Home care agencies need to prove electronically that each visit was performed as reported.

Some CCG’s are even insisting on reports and per minute billing as government pressure seeks to recover funds paid for calls or visits which are not attended in line with contracted hours.

We’ve got your back!

At CareSucess, we have ECM, NFC, Intime, Outime, Location, Google maps and Mileage all built into a system packed with advanced features to equip your care provider business for the next round of legislation.

If you’re intereseted:

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