7+ Advantages of Electronic Documents for Home Care Administrators

In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of Electronic Documents for Home Care administrators.

Advantages of Electronic Documents for Home Care Administrators

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of Electronic Documents for Home Care Administrators.

Care Forms, Documents and Charts can be detailed, complex, and variable in length. Home Care Agencies can now Design and store all their Forms and Documents into a Complete Home Care Management System which is bespoke, flexible and easy to use.

For instance, during a Medication or Environmental Risk Assessment, a Care Manager could simply take their laptop, open the latest template, and enter the Client’s details.

Design your own Forms and Documents

Administrators design forms to pre-populate fields (i.e. Client name) so Care Manager’s can focus on Client’s relevant responses.

The Care Manager can simply save the Assessment Form on the laptop and attach a Client’s Document (s) within the Care Management System removing the need for an external storage facility. Once the form is saved, the Office / Management can access easily in Real Time.

Real Time Accessibility facilitates “remote working”

Care Managers can access the forms from a desktop, laptop or from anywhere with an internet connection to conduct Care Plan Reviews, amend templates as legislation changes, or retrieve Documents searching easily by date or Client for Care Compliance.

Documents relating to Clients, Staff, Policies and Procedures can be accessed and shared with Carers directly to their mobile device for Client Visits i.e. Care Plan, Emergency Sheet or a Preferred Routine. 

Design The “Look And Feel” With Ease

The CareSuccess Document Management Suite can accommodate all your forms as its very customisable with easy to use design features. Create the “look and feel” with the latest, simple to use tech from “drag and drop” to inserting images and signatures. Specify your own page layout, create tables, rows, and columns to reflect your current forms.

Paragraphs, check boxes and radio buttons allow further customisation. Specify fields such as phone, email, dates, and time, and even copy a particular page or add a new page to your forms template. The inbuilt version control ensures your Staff are all up to date with the latest information.

Once we show you the design phase, you will soon realise how easy the system is and I am sure word and excel templates will be left behind. If you prefer, we can set up all your templates up for you.

They are all stored within the Home Care Management System as part of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Technology.

For Contingency Planning, you can print a blank template form and place a paper copy in each Client’s home (just in case).

Forms Created With CareSuccess

The list below gives an idea of some of the forms that have been created in the CareSuccess Home Care Management System:

  • Risk Assessments: Medication, Environment, Water low, Falls, Fire, Mental Capacity, Moving and Handling, W.I.L.T, Clinical, Health and Safety.
  • Clients: Care Plans, Summaries, Support Information, Reviews, Monthly Audits, M.U.S.T, Emergency Sheet, Preferred Routines, All About Me, How I Communicate, Incident Reports, Consents, Oral Care, Personal Care, Accessible information Questionnaires and Annual Service Reviews.
  • Information and Policies: Fires, Falls Risk Assessment Tool and much more.
  • Staff: Employee Handbooks, Contracts, Application Forms, Induction Checklists, Performance and Probationary Reviews and Exit Interviews.

I hope this gives you an idea of the advantages of Electronic Documents for Home Care Administrators.

We’ve got your back!

At CareSucess, we have ECM, NFC, Intime, Outime, Location, Google maps and Mileage all built into a system packed with advanced features to equip your care provider business for the next round of legislation.

The CareSucess Home Care Management System includes eMAR, Rostering, Invoicing, Staff Pay, and Mobile Point of Care Monitoring, and much more.

If you would like to see the simplicity of the Design templates, how they connect within the Document Management System, and how you can share important information to Carers and key stakeholders, feel free to get in touch.

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